Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Unspeakable Sphere

While searching for information for my Unspeakable Esoteric Horror Novel, which has a blog of its own to air my frustrations and other other goodies associated with its creation and any resulting research into the same, I found lots of cool vampire lore. Realizing that I was posting a lot of this stuff on a blog that was supposed to be for my inner demons alone, I knew that all the horrible monsters that I love so well (including a favorite fiend, Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie) deserve a home of their own! Thus, the Unspeakable Sphere is here!
I have a lot of blogs, Kiddies, so it may be a few days before this little gem starts to shine. In the meantime, try my original Random Thoughts Blog. For crap so random your head will spin just reading it!
Of course if your head starts spinning, you may just be possessed. In which case you will need to gather esoteric knowledge to purge yourself of the demon inside you. Try my Esoteric Knowledge Blog. It probably won't help you much. But you'll have a good read and the demon will be pissed off by my goody-goody if off the wall slant.
Happy blog-hopping to you and your demons.
The Unspeakable Cheesemeister