Sunday, February 10, 2008

February's Mythos Monster of the Month

The little-known Great Old One Othuyeg is this month's Mythos creature. Othuyeg looks like a giant eye, much like CyƤegha. It is known as The Doom-Walker, which is kind of interesting because I think that an eye would be more likely to roll than to walk. Or maybe to float or hover. But to date I've never seen an eye with feet.
There is an interesting page dealing with August Derleth's biography of Solar Pons which briefly mentions Othuyeg. It can be found here. And this list of fascinating tales might lend more clues about this doomful eyeball. At least at some point. Some of the other stories are complete but the one about Othuyeg is still pending...hmmm....
Certainly this FBI file will shed some light on the subject. Of course the subject may not like having light shed on it. Put out your flashlight, Mulder, and come into this dark corner with me like a good boy...
Abandon hope of finding an image of Othuyeg or even Cyaegha. At least I had to. But if you are more fortunate, pray tell me the link. For while Hastur is He who Shall Not Be Named, Othuyeg is apparently He/She/It that Shall Not Be Seen. Only it is allowed to do the seeing, for it is a giant eyeball!