Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Xothic Legend Cycle and Lin Carter



Lin Carter

A Mi-Go (Found at

It's hard to find a picture of Zoth-Ommog. The above is the cover of a CD by a band called Front Line Assembly. Perhaps the humanoid creature is Zoth-Ommog in a shape-shifted form. It is speculated that the insectoid is a member of the great Race of Yith in Coleopterus form.
Zoth-Ommog is described thusly in Ye Wikipedia:
Zoth-Ommog is the third son of Cthulhu. He has a cone-shaped body, a razor-fanged reptilian head like that of a tyrannosaurus rex, four broad, flat, starfish-like arms with suckers, and a head of tentacles. How he swims or walks on the ocean floor is unknown, but it is possible that he has a slug-like foot similar to that of the Great Race of Yith.

Welcome Class! Today's subject is the Xothic Legend Cycle. These tales of the Demon Trinity (Ghatanothoa, Ythogtha, and Zoth-Ommog) were revealed by the late Lin Carter. His dangerous knowledge, we speculate, is the REAL reason why he's the "late" Lin Carter, and not throat cancer as was cited on his death certificate. In fact, we speculate that Mr. Carter's brain is safely ensconced on Yuggoth, where he regales the Mi-Go with his knowledge to this day.
Anticipating Mr. Carter's return and wanting his help to get "in" with the Unspeakable Ones, we have decided that it would be wise to placate Mr. Carter by honoring his work with a mention in our forthcoming sequel to Lost Beneath the Surface. Therefore, Ghantanotoa, Ythogtha and Zoth-Ommog have prominent cameo roles in the forthcoming book. As well, we will prominently feature this poem by Carter at the head of one of the major sections of the book.

I have seen Yith and Yuggoth on the Rim,
And black Carcosa in the Hyades;
And in the slimy depths of certain seas,
I have beheld the tomb where lieth Him
Who Was and Who Shall Be; and I have flown
Astride the shantak or the byakhee
Where Kadath in the Cold Waste terribly
Bears up her onyx-castled crest unknown.
I have conversed with seer and archmage
In glacier-buried drear Commoriom,
And traced the maggot-eaten parchment page
Of tomes that Tsathoggua carried from
Dim vast Cykranosh. I am no more sane,
For too much horror burns away the brain.
--Lin Carter
June 9, 1930-February 7, 1988